Accepted Items

In order to offer high quality items, we need our consignors to do a thorough inspection and cleaning at home. Please eliminate items that have:

- Pet Hair & Odors - All items must be washed before drop off.

- Items that have a musty smell or contain any type of odor

- Stains or Dirt (even small stains are not acceptable)

- Damage or Rips (broken zippers, holes, etc.)

- Missing buttons or any parts

Your items will go through an inspection when they are dropped off. Please do not be offended if an item does not pass our inspection, we simply want clean, high quality items that we can sell for you. During the sale, if an item is found on the sales floor that should not have passed inspection, it will be removed and donated to the local charity.

You need at least 25 items to consign with us.

Below is a list of categories and examples that would fall into each category. If you do not see a category that your item would fit into and are not sure if we would accept it, please contact us! Acceptable sizes are Preemie to 18 Youth. If you have an item that is labeled S, M, L, make sure your consignor tag has an actual size. For example, if your child wore an item labeled M when they were 5 years old, identify it as 5T/5 on your consignor tag. If 2 or more items are on one hanger, make sure they are securely fastened to each other and the hanger, with 1 consignor tag attached.

The Holiday Sale is a "Stock Up for the Holiday Season/Winter Event" so we are only accepting the following.

- New or Gently Used Toys
- Books, Games & Puzzles
- Children’s Winter Apparel (Coats, Hats, Gloves/ Mittens or Scarves)
- Children’s Clothing (size Premie-18 Y)
- Winter Shoes, Snow Boots, Slippers
- Holiday Attire (Suits, Dresses or Accessories)
- New Category ** Holiday Décor (New or Gently Used) – No Holiday Lights unless they are new.
**Please Note **We will not be accepting Baby Gear, Women’s Apparel, Furniture for this event.


The Spring Sale is a "stock up for Spring/Summer event" so we are only accepting Spring and Summer clothing.

- Short sleeve tops
- Sleeveless tops
- Onesies (short and long sleeves)
- Cloth diapers: mint condition (No stains ~ No underwear)
- Shorts and capris
- Swimsuits and cover-ups
- Sneakers, sandals, flops and slippers
- Raincoats/ rain boots
- Sundresses and skirts
- Jeans
- Sunhats and baseball caps
- Dance wear or dance shoes
- Lightweight pajamas
- Lightweight jackets or sweatshirts
- School uniforms, we accept specific school embroidered items

The Fall Sale is a "stock up for Fall/Winter event" so we are only accept Fall and Winter clothing.

- Long sleeve tops, 3/4 length and short sleeve tops
- Jeans and long pants
- Cloth diapers: mint condition (No stains ~ No underwear)
- Baseball hats
- Winter hats, gloves, mittens or scarves
- Winter pajamas
- Winter coats/ rain coats
- Snowsuits
- Fall and Winter shoes
- Skirts or dresses in winter fabrics (corduroy, denim, fleece, velvet)
- Dance wear or dance shoes
- Halloween costumes
- Holiday dresses and clothing
- School uniforms, we accept specific school embroidered items

Gear & Furniture:

- Bassinets
- Car seats - Waiver Form - One Needed Per Car Seat
- Walkers & saucers
- Bouncy seats
- High chairs
- Monitors
- Pack-n-Plays
- Strollers
- Swings
- Diaper bags
- Changing tables
- Cribs (no drop down sides)
- Kids tables & chair sets
- Rockers & gliders
- Child size beds
- Nursery decor


Shoes should be new or like new. Shoes that show any wear or are dirty will not sell.

- Sneakers, dress shoes, sandals, boots and slippers
- Dance shoes (ballet, tap, hip hop, etc.)
- Athletic shoes (cleats, etc. - scuffs are okay, dirt is not)


- Hair bows and barrettes
- Belts and ties
- Socks and stockings
- Sunglasses
- Purses, backpacks
- Lunchboxes
- No Underwear


- Maternity Clothing: Name brand only, Maximum of 20 items, All seasons
- Women’s Clothing (By Season, as listed under children’s items)
- Jewelry & Accessories
- Purses & Wallets
- Hats, Coats, Scarves, Gloves (By Season)
- Shoes (By Season)
- Swimsuit Tops Only (As Always we will not accept Women’s underwear or bathing suits unless they are new)


All toys must be cleaned before Drop Off. We will not accept any toys that are damaged or dirty and not in working condition.

Make sure toys have all parts and working batteries, if applicable.

Large toys including: bicycles, easels, playhouses, swing sets, jungle gyms, play kitchens, doll houses, toy boxes
Sports equipment must be clean and may include: cleats, baseballs, gloves, rackets, ice skates, roller skates, helmets, kneepads
Stuffed animals must be clean and in excellent condition
Games and crafts must include all pieces and may include: board games, blocks, Lego's, arts & crafts sets
Dolls and accessories must be clean and include all parts and articles of clothing
Electronics must be working and have batteries may include: portable DVD players, microphones, learning games, iPods

Books, DVD's, and video games may include:

- Any children's book in excellent condition
- DVDs that are rated PG-13 and below
- Video games for children, video game consoles and accessories

Please review all recalled children's items at We will not accept any recalled items.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us!

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