Frequently Asked Questions
Consignor FAQ

Q: How do I become a consignor are there any fees?

A: Click the "Register to Consign" tab under the Consign header and follow the instructions. There is a non-refundable $10 consignor fee which will deducted off your final sales after the event. No upfront cost- we want you to succeed in selling!

Q: What is the next step after I register?

A: After you register, the system will automatically send you an email containing your consignor number. You will then be able to log into the online system to begin entering your items.
Step 1: Go through your children's closets and playrooms to collect items they have outgrown or don't use anymore.
Step 2: Enter items into the online tagging system along with a description of each item. General rule items priced at 1/3 or less than 50% retail value sell.
Step 3: Print your tags from the online system and secure to items and clothing items on your hangers. Use safety pins to secure pants or loose items to ensure they stay on the hanger or with the set.

Q: Do I have to use a specific type of hanger?
A: No. We do recommend, however, wire hangers because it is easier to pin pants and sets onto them and plastic hangers tend to break more easily while people are shopping. Many consignors have received free wire hangers from dry cleaners, craigslist, or Freecycle. You can also buy them from various online retailers.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum on the number of items a consignor can sell?
A: Yes. You need to have a minimum of 25 items to be a consignor, and receive the pre-passes. There is no limit on the maximum number of items you can sell! The more the merrier!

Q: When do I have to get my items tagged by?
A: The online tagging system will close one week before the sale to prepare for the event.

Q: I need to change the price of my item. Can I handwrite the new price on the tag?
A: No. Any handwritten prices will not be reflected in the computer system at checkout. If you would like to change the price of an item, you need to reenter the price in the online system and reprint the tag.

Q: What can I sell?
A: We try our best to only provide the highest quality shopping experience for our customers and in making the most amount of money for our consignors. Items that have even the smallest stain, tear, or odor will not sell. We will not accept stained, ripped, or damaged items, including clothing or shoes with odors.

Q: How do I package toys with multiple parts or bedding sets?
A: You can put items with multiple parts in a Ziploc bag. Bedding can be securely tied together with a ribbon or bagged. If bedding has multiple pieces, a picture with all included items can help sell your item. Securing your Ziploc bags with book tape can help ensure all the pieces stay together.

Q: When do I drop off my items if I am a consignor?
A: Consignors use the online system to schedule a drop off appointment for a convenient day and time during our drop off period.

Q: What is the 1/2 Price Sale and why should I tag my items as "Discount"?
A: Items will be on sale for the price you indicate on the tag during the main event. If you designate "Discount" during the tagging process, and your item does not sell for the full price, then it will be placed on sale for 1/2 price on Sunday. This is a great way to clean up! Many of our shoppers return for the ½ price sale.

Q: What happens to my items that didn't sell?
A: You have two great choices. You can pick up any unsold items after our sale, during the designated pick up times. Or have us donate the items to charity for you. Consignors who donate with receive an itemized list for tax purposes. You can designate to donate during the tagging process. All donate items will automatically be discounted for the ½ price sale.

Q: I have items that did not sell. Can I keep the tags on them for the next event?
A: Yes. The items that you have already tagged can be used at a future sale without reprinting the tag.

Shopper FAQ

Q: Is there an admission fee to shop?
A: No. Shopping at Moments of Magic is FREE to the public! This a great way to meet other Moms in the area. The more the merrier!

Q: How can I shop the Private Presale?
A: There are two ways to be invited to the Presale, be a Consignor or a Volunteer. We can always use your help! Presale tickets will be given out before the sale, please be sure to present them at the door.

Q: Will I be allowed to bring a stroller to the sale?
A: We do allow strollers, BUT NOTHING WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE IN THE STROLLER OTHER THAN YOUR CHILD. We cannot allow any diaper bags, blankets, extra clothes, or toys in the stroller, and will be inspecting all strollers as you come in the door.

Q: Can I bring my own shopping bags or a basket?
A: Yes. We do however provide large shopping bags for your convenience. Need a hand with your large tickets items? No problem, any of our MOMS volunteers will be happy to help you to your car or we can reserve your items in one of our holding areas. Just ask!

Q: What form of payment do you accept?
A: We accept cash and all major credit cards. No personal checks.

Q: Do you accept returns?
A: All sales are final no exceptions. We do offer inspection tables where shoppers can fully inspect their items before checkout. We want you to be happy with your purchase. Feel free to ask any MOMS volunteer to help during the sale!

Volunteer FAQ

Q: Do I have to volunteer if I am a consignor?
A: No. Volunteering is optional, but as the sale grows we could use your help! There are many different responsibilities to help the event run smoothly. We love your volunteers.

Q: What are the benefits of consigning & volunteering?
A: Shop the Presale early and get all the best deals before anyone else!!
Earn an additional 5% or 10% back!!
Shop the Half-Price Sale early!!
Have fun!! The consignors who volunteer have made new friends and enjoyed the experience. Join Us Today!